The world's best LoRaWAN network tester

The most advanced testing tool in the world for any LoRaWAN and Helium network!

Allows you to test your antennas and locations easily, to find best location for sensor devices

Some of supported LoRaWAN networks

glamos walker


We've developed the most advanced LoRaWAN testing device in the world

Test real conditions of network easily, no matter if you are amateur or professional. Test all possible parameters using our Walker device


Data are important

Store all data, visualize them on map and in table. Use analytics tools and algorithms to understand your data and get most from it

glamos antenna testing


Lot of numbers can be confusing. Our analytics tools help understand them well

Want to find best location and best antenna for your gateway (hotspot) and sensor setup?
Test them in real life conditions and our analytics tools will help you to find the best one.

Loving GLAMOS is easy. That is why thousands of people do

"Glamos is a very useful tool I totally enjoy it it’s nice it gives me a lot of information I couldn’t expect from any other device"

Helium user

“I'm no engineer and less then an amateur playing with RF stuff; and as a noob I was able to figure out how to set this up on to the helium console. Thanks for making this so easy.”

Amateur in RF and IoT

“Amazing tool for helium mining optimisation”

Network engineer

"This device has a lot of information available for many uses within any LoRaWAN network, including Helium. I use to setup private LoRaWAN networks and this saved unmeasurable amount of time."

LoRaWAN and Helium enthusiast

Where buying GLAMOS excels past anything and is worth price is the customer service. The time and effort after the sale is rare in anything evolving crypto currency.

Helium hotspot owner

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