Walk App allows the user to graphically and tabularly display all measured data, and accurately analyze the quality of the network. This includes positioning of gateways and measuring point based on GPS coordinates, graphical display of signal strength, filtering by various parameters.


You can integrate all LoRaWAN testing devices into Walk App and have it’s data on one place. You just need to enable the integration of data from the LoRaWAN server to the Walk App with HTTP POST integration. You can make integration from The Things Network, Loriot, Actility and other servers. We recommend Glamos Walker because it is most advanced LoRaWAN testing device on market.

You have Adeunis Field Test device or GPS tracker or custom made device? No problem, we will help you to integrate it in Walk App. It will enable you to store data and improve analytics of your LoRaWAN network.

Store and analyze

All data is also available through table where the user can also filter it, download it and generate reports as well. After field testing you can accurately analyze the quality of the network. Filter data based on SF, time, gateway and device.

Use cases

  • Analyze location for optimization of setting up sensor devices
  • Analyze location where gateway is set up to estimate how efficient is it
  • Analyze indoor measurements – make plan of building with measuring points and connect that point with “counter” of message
  • Find blind spots in network
  • Visualize network coverage
  1. ) Walk App consists of map where are displayed all gateways (blue rectangles) and measuring points (small circles). Measuring point is place where from you are sending message through LoRaWAN network.
lorawan glamos walk app
  1. ) You can filter data on map by device, SF, server and time of testing
Glamos walk app lorawan
  1. ) If you click on some measuring point you will get more information. It consists frequency, SF, bandwidth, coding rate, GPS coordinates, time of sending and names of all gateways which received message. These gateway’s names are paired with RSSI, SNR and distance between gateway and measuring point. Also it will show red lines which connects measuring point and gateway.
Glamos Walk App lorawan testing device tester
  1. ) If you click on some gateway it will show all measuring points which sent message to gateway. They will be connected with lines also so you get visual prediction of network. This can be used to see how good is position of gateway and is there some position that is not covered.
Glamos Walk App lorawan testing device tester
  1. ) Map has different views.
  • 3D buildings layer enable fully visualization of area where you are testing. On this way you can see how buildings affect communication.
  • Satellite layer will show you photo of area.
  • Outdoor layer will give you visual of elevation in nature.
  • Light layer will show you streets and roads.
  1. ) Table will show you all stored data. That includes data without GPS coordinates. If you do indoor testing, you can use time and counter to visualize coverage indoor. On display of Walker you can see counter and write it down and later compare it to data in table. All data includes time, counter, frequency, SF, BW, CR, GPS coordinates. If you click on a row (represent measuring point) it will show all gateways together with RSSI and SNR. You can filter data based on SF, gateway name, device(s) and time.
Glamos Walk App lorawan table tester testing device

Pricing – Walk App

Device includes 6 months of Walk App Basic (which includes all features now). Soon pricing will be published.

Basic App

Glamos Walk App – 12 months

24€/year (VAT excl.)

30€/year (VAT incl.)

Note: This price is for 1 to 9 pcs for each device.

Standard App (10+ pcs)

Basic App package

30% discount

16.80€/year (VAT excl.)*

21€/year (VAT incl.)

Note: This price is for 10+ pcs for each device.

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