A new chapter in the history of GLAMOS

Two years ago, we embarked on a journey to develop a device that could revolutionize the way LoRaWAN networks are deployed and tested. We invested a lot of resources, time, knowledge and experience into creating the GLAMOS Walker, a the most advanced LoRaWAN testing tool in the world.

But we didn’t stop there. Along the way, we also developed a range of new features for our GLAMOS Walk App, which is used in conjunction with the GLAMOS Walker. The Walk App allows users to collect, store, visualize and analyze data from LoRaWAN testing sessions. Based on these data users can easily test different location prior to sensor device and gateway deployment and find the best. Users can easily find issues in network (and then fix it), create LoRaWAN coverage maps and using Line-of-Sight tool understand through which buildings signal will propagate.
One of recently released tools is Indoor mapping tool – first in the LoRaWAN world. Draw floorplan of your building and get indoor coverage heatmap to know where to install sensor devices to get best communication and longest battery life.

Now, we’re here to announce that we’re starting a new chapter in the history of GLAMOS. As of today, we’ll be charging for the usage of our GLAMOS Walk App, based on a yearly license.
Last two years we’ve invested lot of effort to deliver all great features with only 1 goal – to create great inovative customer oriented product that solves real problems in LoRaWAN (Helium) world.
This move is a crucial step towards sustaining our business and ensuring that we can continue to deliver cutting-edge technology to our customers.

There are 2 available licence options.
For GLAMOS Walker devices you can get both options, but we recommend you to use Pro licence as it will provide you all benefits of Walk App.
New feature is that now you can integrate any LoRaWAN (Helium) testing device to Walk App, from any producer (Adeunis, RAK, Wio, TTGO…), using Basic licence.

We’re confident that the GLAMOS Walk App will continue to be a valuable tool for our users, whether they’re in the field of deploying gateways (hotspots), providing LoRaWAN network or installing sensor devices for all great IoT use cases. Our app’s unique features will help them to make data driven decisions, optimize their operations, and ultimately save time and stop loosing money.

As we move forward, we want to express our gratitude to our customers, partners, and team members who have supported us throughout this journey. Thanks to you we got title “the best in the world testing device and app for LoRaWAN and Helium netoworks”. We’re excited about what the future holds for GLAMOS and can’t wait to see what our users will achieve with our technology and help.

Thank you for being a part of our journey, we will keep having your back always!

Read about all details and benefits of GLAMOS Walk App and start using it. CLICK HERE