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TOP 10 GLAMOS Walker use cases

GLAMOS Walker is LoRaWAN network tester. Compared to other LoRaWAN mappers and testing devices it is the most advanced on the market based on features, usability and customer experience.
Here are TOP 10 use cases of Walker device created by our customers.

  1. Coverage mapping – walk or drive around with Walker and create outdoor 2D and 3D coverage heatmap. It has mode created for mapping (activate easily through menu). Also collect information about blind non-covered spots. Integrated rechargeable battery allows you more than 24h continuous testing.
  2. Indoor mapping – it is hard to predict LoRaWAN coverage indoor because of all obstructions around, but with Walker in just a few minutes you can get 2D or 3D indoor coverage heatmap of your building.
  3. Location field testing for sensor device deployment – installing different devices (e.g. water meters, occupancy and CO2 sensors, meteo stations…) can be complicated if you don’t know is network available and how good signal is. With Walker you can test signal quality (RSSI, SNR), redundancy and find the best location for sensor devices.
  4. Antenna testing – Walker has SMA connector and allows network testing with different antennas to find best fit for your use case. Lot of manufacturers are faking antenna specifications, but Walker allows you to compare testing results for different antennas and find the best one(cost-VS-performance-VS-size).
  5. Gateway setup testing – test coverage for one specific gateway and find the best location for new one. Based on results understand do you need to install better/different antenna or do you maybe need to find new locations.
  6. Education and Training – use it for educational purposes, such as teaching students or engineers about LoRaWAN technology and network performance. By providing a hands-on learning experience, it can help better understand the complexity of LoRaWAN technology and how to optimize its performance.
  7. Signal Analysis – use it to analyze the signal characteristics of deployed network. Walker can provide detailed information about signal strength (RSSI), signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), and other parameters that affect signal quality, helping to identify potential issues and optimize performance.
  8. Test new firmware versions – after you deploy new firmware versions on gateways, it takes some time to start receiving data from sensor devices, and to understand that you have a problem. GLAMOS Walker can simulate multiple device uplinks in short time (minutes) and help you evaluate (and fix) new updates.
  9. Signal Propagation Testing – test the signal propagation characteristics of LoRaWAN devices and networks. With Walker evaluate signal strength at different distances and in different environments to identify the best operating conditions for the devices.
  10. Detailed network insight – with multiple working modes integrated in just few clicks quickly set up any LoRaWAN parameter (SF, TX power, RX2 SF, RX1 delay, payload size, ABP and OTAA) and get deep insight how each parameter affects signal quality and you network.

Check more technical details about Walker here: https://glamos.eu/product/walker