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1.     Introduction

GLAMOS Walker is most advanced and most user-friendly LoRaWAN testing tool on the market. It enables testing network coverage, signal quality, find best place for gateway (hotspot) and sensor installation.

You got device in your hard case which allows you to carry it around safely.

Package includes device Walker, 3 antennas and USB cable.


  • large (L) – 2.15 dBi
  • medium (M) – 1 dBi
  • small (S) – 0 dBi

USB cable is provided for charging device with 5V DC and for flashing new firmware versions.

4.    GLAMOS Walk App

4.1. Register on GLAMOS Walk App – VIDEO TUTORIAL

  1. Register on https://app.glamos.eu
  2. Follow steps in video tutorial for setting up application:
  • Congratulation! You’ve set up Walk App!

To start using device, you MUST add it to Helium Console or some other LoRaWAN server.
If device has GPS connection (blue light above screen or icon in top right corner of screen) and if you send message to your gateway, you will be able to see it in map. In Table you will be able to see all measuring point no matter if you added gateway or not. Enjoy! 😊

4.2. Start using Walk App

More info about app and features on: https://glamos.eu/walkapp


5.    Adding Walker to Helium network and integration of GLAMOS Walk App

Follow video tutorial


follow next steps:


Label is like folder which includes all devices.

  1. https://console.helium.com/devices


NOTE: Without adding device to Helium Console (or some other LoRaWAN server) you will not be able to use device (you will not be able to exchange messages).

  1. Go to https://console.helium.com/devices and click “Add new device” icon – left of “Add new label icon”
  2. There will be window where you need to type in Name, Dev EUI, App EUI, App Key (make sure to click on small eye near App Key so you can edit it)
  • In Attach a Label” box type name of label you added in steps before. In our example “GLAMOS Label”. After few first letter, it will offer to click on it.
  • Click “Submit”.


Messages are sent from device through hotspot to Helium Console. If you don’t want to lose all your data, you need to forward them to some service which will store these data.

Here is example how to forward it to GLAMOS Walk App, store it and then visualize and analyze there.

Follow next steps:

  • https://console.helium.com/integrations
  • Choose HTTP POST integration:
    NOTE: You need to change “YOUR_API_KEY” with key you can find in Glamos Walk App. You can find API key and whole URL in Account https://glamos.eu/account
  • Under “HTTP Headers” type:
    Header key: server
    Heade value: helium
  • On “Step 3” fill integration name “GLAMOS integration”
  • On “Step 4” click “Add Integration”. (Leave “Add label” box empty)


When message arrive to Helium server it is shaped as row of bytes (symbols). We need to parse it in proper way to get our information. Payload decoder is function which is able to decode data and transfer it in shape which is understandable to us.

  1. Now go to https://console.helium.com/functions
  2. Click “Add function”
  3. Now there is “Step 1 – Enter Function Details”. Fill name of function “GLAMOS decoder”, in second column choose “Decoder” and in third column choose “Custom script”. Copy and Paste code from this URL: https://glamos.eu/decoder.js
  4. There is box “Script Validator”. In “Payload Input” paste c123e28b618d007e0005 and click on rounded blue “play” icon in top right. You should get “Payload Output”:
    {   “lat”: 45.8016882,
        “lon”: 16.0046241,
       “alt”: 126,
        “ant”: 0,
        “accuracy”: 3
        “position_num”: 5
  5. Click “Save changes”


One last step is to create Flow. This is part of application which connects device, payload decoder and integration.

  1. Go to https://console.helium.com/flows
  2. Click on “+” sign right of “Nodes” text
  1. Now click on Labels, and then drag and drop label you created.
  1. Repeat same process for Functions and Integration.
  2. Finally connect points between Label and Function, and then between Function and Integration.
  • Don’t forget to click “Save changes” at bottom left corner.
  • Congratulation! You have successfully added GLAMOS Walker to Helium network and integrated it to GLAMOS Walk App!

6.    Adding Walker to TTN network

In this step by step tutorial follow how to add Walker to The Things Network (TTN)

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Download [754.44 KB]


After successful adding of device and integration of Glamos Walk App you can start enjoying GLAMOS Walker!

Take your device and send a message. You should be able to see it in Helium console.

Now turn on WiFi on Walker (SETTINGS – WIFI – ON). If it is successfully connected (icon on top right corner of screen is not crossed) go to SEND – ONCE and send message. If you are in range of gateway/hotspot and you integrated to Walk App, you will be able to see list of gateways in range together with RSSI and SNR.


For any questions and help feel free to send email on:


Thank you for choosing GLAMOS! Have a great experience!