1. What is the value of Walker?

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lorawan lora alliance glamos walker

GLAMOS Walker is most advanced and most user-friendly LoRaWAN testing tool on the market. It enables testing network coverage, signal quality, find best place for gateway (hotspot) and sensor installation.

You got device in your hard case which allows you to carry it around safely.

Package includes device Walker, 3 antennas, SMA male-to-SMA female antenna adapter and USB cable.


  • large (L) – 2.15 dBi
  • medium (M) – 1 dBi
  • small (S) – 0 dBi

USB cable is provided for charging device with 5V DC and for flashing new firmware versions.

Use cases #

  • Optimization of location for devices – know where to set up device in advance
  • Optimization of location for gateways – know how good performance does your gateway and its location have
  • Network coverage testing – map your network (you can create map to know what area your hotspot, or some other, is covering with signal)
  • Signal quality (RSSI and SNR)
  • Indoor testing – find out how buildings affect your network
  • testing location for HELIUM hotspot placement (you are able to see how many hotspots you can see from some locations, or do you see any, before setting up your hotspot)- analytics for Proof of Coverage (PoC) (in app you can see if you have valid PoC from location)
  • Signal quality testing (RSSI and SNR) – you can see how good signal is because that is important for PoC and mining
  • Testing with different antennas to find best fit – 3 antennas included (every device and hotspot has different antenna, so you can test them to get best signal for communication or to find golden point for mining)
  • Visualization of all data in app (all data are stored in Walk App so you can see them on map and analyze it later https://glamos.eu/walkapp)
  • get list of hotspots in range on screen of device or in app
  • LEARNING about LoRaWAN (using GLAMOS Walker you will learn how LoRaWAN and RF works. Best way to improve knowledge from theory is to make practical

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